Hi, my name is Justin. I have had Vitiligo since I was 4. We first noticed it on my eye. Then it spread onto my knees and my feet.  Throughout the years I was not really bothered by it until I was in 4th grade. School started in the summer, so I wore shorts; that’s when it started. I was at a new school that year and it kind of bugged me that they asked “What’s that on your knees?” I would say that it was nothing. The next year it was a lot easier because everybody already knew. Then during my 6th grade year, I had to start over again and I was afraid that people would ask me. I hated my Vitiligo. The thing that made my whole situation better was when my Dad showed me an MMA fighter with Vitiligo. His name is Scott Jorgensen. I haven’t had anything bad said about it. After my mom found the AVRF, it showed me that Vitiligo makes me who I am. It makes me different and special!