Aubreana by her Mother, Natalie

Hello, my name is Natalie. My daughter, Aubreana, is in the 3rd grade. Her Vitiligo started in Kindergarten. When I first took her to the doctor, he tried to tell us that the white patches of skin were because Aubreana is bi-racial, and “sometimes the colors don’t mix well.” This was so far from the truth! I went home and did some research, and from what I discovered, I believed that what she had was Vitiligo. We ended up going to a dermatologist, who confirmed that what Aubreana had was indeed Vitiligo. There is so much to learn about Vitiligo, and as many of you may have noticed, not many people are even aware that Vitiligo exists.

 Aubreana has grown so much. At first, she was discouraged about having Vitiligo; but over the past several years, she has become more and more confident. She is not afraid to tell others about Vitiligo. At home, we support her with love and reassurance. 
When we found the AVRF online, it was the first time she was able to see other children who were like her. This really helped her and gave her a sense of belonging; she knows she is not alone. At this time, we are not using any treatments for her Vitiligo. This is a personal choice, as right now, Aubreana is not interested in trying to change her appearance. 
If you are a parent of a child with Vitiligo, one important thing I have noticed and would share is that our children look to us as an example with all things. If they see us stressing and making a big deal out of it, as if we are unsatisfied with them having Vitiligo, they are more likely to feel the same way. We should strive to always remain positive, encouraging, and uplifting about Vitiligo – then they are more likely to carry the same attitude about themselves. Otherwise, they will develop a negative view of themselves, which is hard to reverse. 
Vitiligo is not something to be ashamed or afraid of, but rather, embraced with love and respect. There is no cure for Vitiligo, but we believe love can cure the things medicine cannot. Be encouraged; we are not alone. God bless!