My name is Kylee Grace.  I love gymnastics and reading books.  Sometimes my mom comes to class the first day of school to explain to the other kids about my white spots on my body.  This year, she did not have to come.  I explained “my Vitiligo” to my friends this year!
I have white spots all over my body but I learned last summer that I was not alone.  I am not different – I am unique.  Spending time with my new friends at the AVRF conference in Florida showed me that there are many people like me, even kids my age.  I even met my new friends, Gwen and Kelly.  Now I don’t feel bad or shy about my body.  It doesn’t even bother me anymore.
My Mom and Dad get really happy when I tell them this, but now I know that every person is special – I am special because of my Vitiligo.  And I can’t wait until I can take my sisters on the Florida trip next year to meet my friends.
Thank you AVRF for helpingme in this journey of Embracing our Diversity (that’s my Mom’s words).