Hello! My name is Ava,  I have a twin brother and his name is Andrew. I like school and I love to dance…all types of dance, ballet, jazz, tap, and my favorite is Hip Hop. I also do gymnastics. This year I became a Girl Scout. I really love the Girl Scouts because I get to have fun and help others.

Last Spring, I got Vitiligo on my face. When I first got it, I was very upset but now I'm getting used to it. Some of my friends would ask me why certain parts of my face were white so I told them. My mother told me that not everyone knows everything and when people ask questions, it's a good thing because that means they care to know. So I tell my friends it’s Vitiligo; and since a lot of people don't usually know what that is, I then explain what Vitiligo is.

I really enjoy fundraising. I do it for different kinds of things, but now I want to be a part of helping other kids with their Vitiligo. It makes me feel really good. Oh, yeah, and when I grow up I would like to be a dermatologist!!

Your friend,